Cedar Shake Roof Costs: Comparing Traditional Cedar Shake with Davinci Synthetic Shake

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September 20, 2021

Cedar Shake Roof Costs:

Comparing Traditional Cedar Shake with Davinci Synthetic Shake

Most residential roofing systems have a lifespan of about 30 years meaning a typical homeowner will have to deal with a complete roof replacement at one point or another. Replacing the roof on your home can be a costly project so it is extremely important to do your research and feel confident in your material choice. While comparing the cost of different roofing material options might seem obvious, be sure you also look at the quality and longevity to get the most bang for your buck.


Cedar roofing shakes have been a popular choice for homeowners for hundreds of years. Made from cedar wood, these shakes are a little more aesthetically pleasing than a typical asphalt or metal roof - the reason many homeowners opt for it. The natural cedar wood brings a warm, organic feel to your home and pairs well with American-Traditional residential architecture.

 How long does a cedar shake roof last? You can typically expect a cedar shake roof to last about 30 years, depending on climate. Traditional cedar shake does not quite hold up to its competitors when it comes to quality and longevity. As these shakes are a natural product made of wood, they are prone to warping and rotting over their lifetime. The natural material can also retain moisture and begin to grow algae and mold.


An emerging alternative to traditional cedar shake is a synthetic option such as Davinci Synthetic Shake. Made from engineered polymer, Davinci Synthetic Shake is built to last without compromising on aesthetics. In fact, Davinci synthetic roofing systems last closer to 50 years on your home.

Davinci Synthetic Shake is injected with fire retardant and UV and thermal stabilizers during production. This formulation gives the roofing shake a competitive edge; it is resistant to cracks, UV rays, algae and fungus growth, and weather. The durability of the Davinci product is proven as it is virtually maintenance free and offered with a lifetime limited warranty.

Davinci Synthetic Shake is available in three variations:

Bellaforte Composite - Offering a truly realistic look, this shake utilizes staggered edges, color variation, and dramatic shadows to perfectly compliment your home’s exterior.

Select Shake - This product miraculously mirrors the exact look of traditional cedar shake with real wood profiles and craftsmanship.

Multi Width - Enjoy the classic look of various sized cedar shake with this composite product available in multiple width options.

The long-lasting durability of Davinci roofing products will add value at the resale of your home ensuring a worthwhile return on your investment.


After weighing the benefits of roofing products, the ultimate question arises - how much does it cost to replace my roof with cedar shake? Below are the average costs per square foot for each roofing material discussed. Keep in mind, these rates are dependent upon your specific region and vary with labor and material rate fluctuations.

Traditional Cedar Shake Costs VS. Davinci Costs


Traditional cedar shake roof costs are lower than Davinci alternative products, however they do not hold up in their quality and longevity. To get the most bang for your buck, spending more initially on Davinci Synthetic Shake will be a greater investment in the long term.

If you are considering a roofing replacement project in the Southeast, contact Elite Exteriors! As an exclusive provider of Davinci roofing systems, their trained staff can help answer any of your questions and help determine what type of roof is best for you. A no-cost consultation is available by an exterior designer who will assess your home and help you choose the right product and complementary material color.

Give Elite Exteriors a call today or visit www.davinciroofscapes.com for more information on Davinci Roofing Systems.

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With the DaVinci Synthetic Cedar shake roof, you have ZERO maintenance.

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Cedar Shake Costs Vs. Davinci Costs

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