Cleaning Your Cedar Shake Roof, Is It Worth It Anymore? Why DaVinci Synthetic Cedar Shake May Be Better For You Instead Of Your Traditional Cedar Shake Roof.

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September 20, 2021

Cleaning your Cedar Shake Roof, is it Worth it Anymore?

Do you have butterflies in your stomach because you are going to give your house a makeover? But you are also anxious regarding your decision for the perfect pick of material for your roof covering. You want the natural beauty of having cedar as your rooftop tiles, but you are concerned about how long the material may retain its original properties. Talking to the point, I do not think I have seen any better tiles than the ones DaVinci Roofscapes manufactures. You will get information regarding their valuable Synthetic Cedar shake roofs here. It will help you in making the right choice and make your house appealing. You may have questions like cleaning Your Cedar Shake Roof. Is It Worth It Anymore? Why DaVinci Synthetic Cedar Shake May Be Better For You Instead Of Your Traditional Cedar Shake Roof. Here is a brief answer for you:


DaVinci Synthetic Cedar Shake roof tiles are far the best decision you can make in place of a traditional cedar shake roof. You do not have to worry about the maintenance much. They bestow the same beauty of the natural cedar shake and are the best at resisting heat and extreme weather conditions. 


There is a lot of stuff you should consider before taking any step for your roof tiles. On the way to this guide, you will get to know compelling features, which would give you faith in making your perfect decision. Let us first understand what cedar shake is all about and its relevant details. And then, we will delve into the DaVinci Synthetic shake roof's in-depth features.


What Makes Your Rooftop Unique Amongst The Others?

Are you aspiring to have a rooftop covered in tiles, which will make your rooftop enthralling? Want to give your house protection from heavy rains, scorching sunlight, and mighty winds? Your rooftops guard your house against many problems. Imagine having a fatal installation of roof tiles that will leak in heavy rains, and the water will trip all the way down from the roof to your floor. It will be a waste of money.


If you dream of having stylish and natural roof tiles installed on your rooftops, you should inspect the quality of the material you will use to cover your roofs. If you want people to notice your house, install DaVinci synthetic cedar shake tile. Believe me; you would not get disappointed. But first, let us understand what cedar shake really is.

What Is Notable About The Traditional Cedar Shake Roof?

You might have guessed it right! It is their intrinsic natural appearance, which makes people fall in love with their looks. People love the aesthetic attraction that cedar shakes made out of wood give out.


Cedar shake roofs may also sometimes get coined with wood roof shingles. This aspect of alluring appearance wins the heart of many people, but picking up traditional cedar shake shingles on this basis can be a mistake.


As a customer who is desperate to make the right choice, you should know that a traditional cedar shake roof with some advantages also possesses many disadvantages.


There Is A Risk Of Getting Caught In Fire!

The biggest threat I can tell, which traditional cedar shake roofs can give, is putting the house on fires in scorching heat waves. Of course, wood burns fast and readily. There is no degree of doubt in that.


Not only are wood shake and shingle roofs a hazard to the structure on which they get installed, but also to other houses in the vicinity. Burning wood shakes and shingles can peel off, become firebrands, and be carried to additional receptive fuel beds, such as other combustible roofs and flammable vegetation in the home landscape (1).

If you are a resident who lives near a forest or you experience high temperatures in your locality, then you should not take this chaotic risk.


There Is A Headache Of Cleaning The Cedar Shake Roofs Regularly:

Cedar shake roof cleaning is a hectic task to do. Over time, cedar shake roofs get impoverished.

With time, your cedar shake shingles will begin to lose the natural appealingness they had initially. It might be a sadistic reality to endure. When your wood roof shingles get old, they do not resist weather conditions in the way they used to when they were new. If algae can make a home on tree trunks, why not algae might make homes on your cedar shake shingles?


When the owner does not invest enough attention to caring for the cedar shake roof, the roof tiles get exposed to insect invasion.


It means when you will not keep an eye on your cedar shake shingles, it will get messed up, and it will be an open invitation for many insects to come and have a party at your once appealing cedar shake roof. Special warning: Please be aware of termites. They love to eat wood.


Cedar shake roof algae become a common sight when your roof has lost its powers to protect your house. Not only does algae cover your roof tiles, but moss also creates a mighty realm on the roof tiles only if you do not take proper care of cedar shake.


It would be an unwanted event, which you would surely not like to happen. Your cedar shake shingles can also lose their original shape. It means when these wood roof shingles get exposed to uncertain conditions such as a high amount of sun exposure, they might bend or get curved.


I hope you are getting that cleaning your cedar shake roof is not worth it anymore. You live in a contemporary world where a series of continuous progressive events keeps happening. In a world of advancement, make yourself pace accordingly!


Why is Davinci Synthetic Cedar Shake Is The Ideal Companion For Your Roof?

I am enamored of the flawless considerable feature DaVinci Synthetic cedar shake offers to its customers. DaVinci Roofscapes has the perfect expertise in making synthetic cedar shake roof tiles.


The impact-resistant roofing from DaVinci gets approved by the Texas Department of Insurance and has Miami Dade Code approvals. Made of durable composite materials, the half-inch thick synthetic slate tiles resist curling, cracking, fading, mold, algae, fungus, and insects, plus salt air and sea spray (2).


Now that you have glanced over some trusted information regarding the valuable services of DaVinci Roofscapes, you should also know why people have so much admiration for their products.


DaVinci Synthetic Cedar Shake Is A Clone Of Natural Traditional Cedar Shake:

The natural sensations, which come along traditional cedar shake roofs, are a prominent intrinsic feature of DaVinci Synthetic cedar shake. 


People who love to give aesthetic looks to their houses can now have the enthralling appearance with other many beneficial features. Natural beauty check!


Davinci Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs Can Retain Their Originality For Elongated Periods:

If you are in the market for a new roof, investigate polymer roofing tiles as a good option. These impact-resistant slate and shake tiles are man-made in a wide variety of colors. Tiles, like those from DaVinci Roofscapes®, have a 50-year limited warranty and are ideal for all types of weather conditions, including hurricanes and hail (3).


Your cedar shake shingles will hardly protect your house and be your pride for thirty to thirty-five years. You know the fact that cedar shake shingles have high installation costs. Now knowing that they would not live for elongated periods will be a predicament for you. Choose wisely!


Offers Liberty to Choose From A Wide Range Of Colors:

DaVinci Roofscapes has services that will make you wonder how they are managing to give us too much! When it comes to choosing the color of your roof tiles, DaVinci Roofscapes has got it all covered for you.


They have enumerated all minute instructions for choosing the suitable color, which gets with the flow of your surroundings. If you are installing a DaVinci synthetic cedar shake roof, they assist you through a color expert to make your house the epitome of beauty and glamour.


Davinci Synthetic Cedar Shake Is An Angel Taking Your House Under His Wings:

It means if you install DaVinci synthetic cedar shake, your house gets shielded from the different severe events of Mother Nature. Traditionally built cedar shake gets destroyed by intense weather conditions.


From raining cats and dogs to mighty hail storms, from intense winds to heavy snow, DaVinci Synthetic cedar shake has taken the responsibility to protect your house from these dilemmas. It ensures that you will enjoy the rainy weather without the fear of rainwater dripping from the roof. It indicates that DaVinci roofscapes take the responsibility of customer care from all its heart.


You Get The Asset Of Having Low Maintenance:

DaVinci Roofscapes has manufactured award-winning polymer slate and shake roofing since 1999. The roofing tiles are virtually maintenance-free and far more cost-effective than the natural product (4).


DaVinci synthetic cedar shake roof is a one-time installation. Then you are free from the worries of maintaining it repeatedly like traditional cedar shake roofs. Traditionally built cedar shake has a high setting up investment added with regular maintenance throughout its lifetime makes it more expensive overall.


DaVinci Roofscapes care for your house. Not only do they care for your house, but you also. The degree of relaxation due to freedom from the worry of maintenance is worthwhile. In your busy schedules, you do not have to ponder your precious time repeatedly towards caring for the roof, like a baby. It is because you have already bestowed the care of excellent quality offerings by DaVinci Roofscape.


Coming Back To the Initial Questions:

What you have read so far about the excellence of DaVinci synthetic cedar shake roofs is just a glimpse! There are lots more features, which DaVinci roofscapes have to offer to its customers.


For sure, cedar shake roof cleaning is not worth it anymore. Everyone has chores and responsibilities to perform. Invest your money and time by making a wise decision. 


If you live in a locality where average temperatures remain high, then it would be a prudent act not to install traditional cedar shake roofs, which are prone to get on fire in such circumstances.

DaVinci synthetic cedar shake gives the gorgeous appearance of natural cedar wood roof shingles. Not only do they offer a great assortment of colors for your tiles, but they also offer the flexibility to decide between a wide range of tiles according to their widths. Mostly, tiles that get installed on rooftops are heavy. Rather than protecting your house, they might be an additional burden to your home.


But DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic cedar shake roof tiles are light weighted. Rather than being cumbersome to your house, it gives strength to it.


Unlike traditional cedar shake roof tiles, whose color fades away as time progresses, DaVinci synthetic cedar shake guarantees the longevity of the colors.


Straight, straggled, or any variety of looks you want the tiles to have gets achieved by installing DaVinci Roofscapes tiles.


DaVinci synthetic cedar shake roofs are here to secure your home sweet home from environmental impacts. Your decision will lay foundations for the durable protection of your house from all forms of Mother Nature calamities.


With DaVinci Roofscape service, you can have stress-free moments even in harsh conditions. When most people would be getting worried about whether their roof tiles will blow off in heavy winds, you would be chilling on your couch enjoying the weather because of the assurance and excellent quality of Davinci Synthetic cedar shake roofs.

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